Why Some Motor Carriers, Despite Meeting All Criteria, Get Ghosted By Top-Tier Brokers

Nov 25, 2023Supply Chain Chronicles


The article explores the perplexing scenario faced by motor carriers who, despite putting together comprehensive proposals, find themselves ignored or rejected by top-tier brokers or shippers. It emphasizes the critical role of a carrier’s safety rating and reputation, highlighting the increasing caution among blue-ribbon brokers and shippers, who prioritize safety and responsibility in an industry facing legal challenges and escalating verdicts.

Ghosted on Your Dream RFP Submission and can’t figure out why?

Suppose you’re a carrier that’s been in business for a while and has yet to attract a blue-ribbon broker or shipper that pays the best rates and has the better freight lanes. You’ve tried everything to break into that level of dream customer but to no avail. Then one day you receive a Request for Proposal (RFP) from that dream customer. You’re determined to make this the best proposal you’ve ever put together and you go down the required checklist.

  1. Reviewed and understood the shipper’s requirements.
  2. Rates are in line with the market.
  3. Provided examples of your value.
  4. Furnished required insurance information.
  5. Submitted references.
  6. You have the drivers and equipment to handle the loads.
  7. Created a professional and well thought through presentation.

When Silence isn’t Golden

Now you wait and wait and wait. Crickets. You should have heard something by now, so you ask for an update, still crickets or you receive an email stating that you did not meet the shipper’s standards. What could have happened? You were the obvious choice.


Brokers and shippers, especially the blue-ribbon ones, are very cautious these days about who they use as carriers. First, a carrier with a subpar safety rating can tarnish the reputation of a broker or shipper in the event of a crash. Tort law can also subject a broker or shipper to legal proceedings that may result in financial harm. Let’s look at what might be one reason you are being passed over. What did your safety rating look like? Do you have a reputation for being a safe and responsible carrier or one that “gets the job done at any cost”. As a carrier, your reputation for being a safe and responsible company is important to your growth and should be taken very seriously.

Making a Case for Protecting Your Business

The logistics world that we operate in is highly volatile with outrageous nuclear verdicts and settlements. Everywhere you look you see TV ads and highway billboards advertising plaintiff’s lawyers wanting to take or make a case involving a truck accident. You read articles, listen to podcasts, and receive emails constantly about how these cases can ruin your business. However, you ignore this information at your own risk. The danger of losing everything you have worked hard to build is very real. Brokers and shippers are becoming more and more discriminating about who they hire. Those carriers who have built a real Safety Culture get to have the best equipment, the most qualified and dependable employees, and most importantly a reputation that gets the attention of blue-ribbon clients.

If your RFP responses are met with silence, evaluate potential weaknesses such as a subpar safety culture or inadequate managerial accountability. Enhance overall business effectiveness proactively, starting with a focus on safety, in alignment with OSHA’s emphasis that ‘Safety is Good Business.

Author: Mark Crocker CSP. Founder, C&G Safety Associates LLC.

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