Fractional Chief Legal Officer

We offer Fractional Chief Legal Officer (FCLO), or Fractional General Counsel services on a virtual or remote basis.

A Fractional Chief Legal Officer is that senior executive you need to effectively manage your company’s overall legal affairs. Functionally this role delivers three important functions within your company:

Strategist: As a strategic partner, CLP delivers a legal master strategy that seamlessly aligns with and empowers your business strategy, bringing together the two. We leverage the law to provide your senior executive team with the comprehensive legal counsel necessary to accomplish your growth goals.

Catalyst: CLP provides the essential legal guidance that enables the executive leadership team to steer the business effectively. We act as a catalyst, providing the team with the necessary legal insight to leverage the law as a competitive advantage.

Guardian: CLP guides the legal, compliance, and regulatory matters for the business. We use the law as a shield, helping your company avoid legal minefields and mitigate legal threats.

What types of companies benefit most from Commerce Law Partners’ strategic involvement?

Those companies that usually (but not always) generate over $10 million in gross revenue, have over 100 employees, and do interstate business make great candidates for CLP’s Fractional Chief Legal Officer services. They’re usually in the financial services, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, trucking, food, or supply chain sectors.

With a broad background in corporate law, litigation, and legal strategy, a CLP Fractional Chief Legal Officer is typically involved in high-level decision-making within the company, serving as an essential advisor to senior management.

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