Business Litigation

Unlike in-house corporate lawyers, we place our focus on representing businesses and business owners in court and regulatory proceedings.

We can assist you with high-stakes legal disputes and will zealously advocate on your behalf. Legal battles can sometimes feel like a fight for your life, but with the right team on your side, you can emerge victorious.

Commerce Law Partners regularly and effectively confront tough business opponents in court with knock-out results. We don’t just fight to win, we fight to protect what matters most to our clients. We protect business owners from reputational, financial, and regulatory risks lurking in their businesses, often avoiding unpleasant surprises.

In the courtroom, we’re fighters. The key differentiator between us and our adversaries is a basic one. We simply have broader strategic experience.

Our Founder, Jonathan C. Scott’s experience as a lawyer’s lawyer, helping hundreds of other lawyers around the country win cases, gives him a vast knowledge base of business law to draw from, not just in the corporate boardroom but in court – whether at State, Federal and Supreme Court levels.

This one-of-a-kind experience has been a deciding factor in the outcome of cases.

So If you’re looking down the barrel of a lawsuit… or you want to pursue legal action against an adversary, give us a call today.
And “Prepare to Win™.”

Because when you contact us, we’ll assume your situation is a high-stakes matter, one requiring the time and attention it deserves.

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