Private Counsel

We provide business owners with the legal expertise and experience to know how to best handle delicate and or sensitive matters that in-house counsel can’t.

You may wonder why a business owner may need private counsel, especially when they may already have in-house attorneys or lawyers on retainer for their business.

The reason is subtle, yet significant:
A lawyer who has a business for a client is typically NOT working for the business owner. The lawyer is beholden to that company’s board of directors. This one fact could dramatically influence the outcome of a dispute and it’s exactly why business owners occasionally need to retain private counsel.

As private counsel, Commerce Law Partners has worked in a variety of legal areas, such as succession planning, civil litigation, family law, libel and slander, and of course, corporate law.

Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives and to develop a legal strategy that achieves the best possible outcome.

We may also work with other professionals, such as accountants, tax experts, or financial advisors, to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing legal and financial matters.

Regardless of what the situation is, we strive for two outcomes: 1) Mitigate or eliminate the risk, whether financially, or in terms of reputation or control, and 2) Maximize the upside potential. If you are a business owner and something is keeping you up at night, contact us today in complete confidence.

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